1080p WiFi Weather Station Camera

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Perfect for home and office surveillance
Captures faces clearly from across a room (1080p HD)
Watch the video from your smartphone or tablet
Less charging hassle (24 hour battery life)
Works with iOS and Android devices
Displays indoor/outdoor temperature
Quick Setup - Go from Packed to Recording in Less than Fifteen Minutes
Like anything that requires syncing with your wireless network, the Clock style Weather Station Camera takes a few minutes to get up and running, however once you begin moving through the setup process you can quickly start recording. Setting up the Clock style is simple: mount the separate outdoor unit outside your home, download the free Pro iCam app, place the camera, and connect it to your wireless network using it’s device number and app. All in all, the Clock style takes less than 15 minutes to go from packed to recording.
Stunning 1080p HD Video Resolution
Whether you plan on using the Aetos for security, or just to keep an extra eye on your home or business when others know you’re not around, you need to be able to make sense of your recordings. There’s no use buying, placing, and using a hidden camera if the footage it produces is blurry or unclear. That’s why the Clock style records in impressive 1080p HD quality, giving your footage a level of detail and clarity no other camera on the market can beat.
Fully Functional Weather Station - Displays Time, Date, and Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Humidity
If you like the idea of a feature-packed, high definition clock camera that you can discreetly use beside your bed, desk, or dresser, but are accustomed to the temperature updates provided by your current weather station clock, then the Clock style is perfect for you. Along with capturing crystal clear, 1080p HD video, the Clock style Weather Station Camera uses an outdoor sensor to put together a complete picture of weather conditions. Laid out on its 5” LCD screen, the Aetos shows time and date, as well as the temperature and humidity levels both inside and outside your home. The camera also comes equipped with an alarm, and is backlit for night time use.
Use WiFi to Remotely View and Control via your Phone, Tablet, or PC
Once you connect the Aetos to your WiFi network, you can use the Pro iCam app on your phone or tablet, either IOS or Android, to remotely view everything in camera range. The app lets you tap into exactly what your camera sees, when you want view it. If you prefer to remotely watch footage on your PC, you can also do that with a quick install of additional, included software. Whether you sitting in the office, a five minute drive from your home, or on a business trip halfway across the country, you can remotely view and control the Clock style at any time and from any location.
Multiple Recording Options - Record Continuously or Only When Motion is Detected
The Clock style lets you customize your recording mode to the type of recording you plan on doing. If you plan to place the camera in a high traffic area, then continuous recording would be best for taking in constant activity and movement. However, for a more remote or less busy location, the motion-activated mode is a better choice to save battery and storage space. No matter where you plan to place your camera, or how you would prefer to record, the Clock style gives the you ability to adjust its use to your unique preferences.
Compact Build for up to 24 Hours of Recording On-the-Go
You have a busy schedule, and sometimes work or travel requires the use of a camera you can quickly pull out of a briefcase or bag, and set up at a moments notice. The Clock style’s compact build, measuring 6” x 4” x 1”, lets you do just that, and ensures that your recording never need be confined to just one location. Whether you are recording at home or on the road, a battery life that supports approximately 24 hours of continuous use, means you can be confident that the Aetos won’t power down on you just when you need it to most to function.
Enhanced Memory Capacity of up to 32GB
The Aetos has a memory capacity for up to a 32GB microSD card (not included), giving you plenty of recording time and footage before you need to store or delete recordings.
5 megapixel CMOS
Video format
View angle
Distance of motion detection shooting
6 m straight-line distance
Minimum illumination
Battery capacity
Continuous shooting time
Above 24 hours
Compressed format
Sound recording range
5 square meters
Power consumption
Storage temperature
Operating temperature
Operating humidity
Type of memory card
Maximum capacity of memory card
Play software
Computer operation system
Windows/Mac OS X
Mobile phone operation system
Web browser
IE7 and above,chrome,firefox safari.etc

Whats include:

1 x Clock Camera
1 x Temperature sensor
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable
1 x Power adaptor
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