2020 New Apple MacBook Air 13-inch Clone Intel Core i5 10th Gen., 3.20 GHz 8GB RAM 256GB 512GB SSD



Date Added: 10/31/2020 by David levi.
What is the difference between your computer and the original? Where exactly are the different things? Reply:1:1 OEM version,no difference....
Date Added: 07/17/2020 by Erkan Mehmed.
got it macbook today´╝üeverything sealed with orignal package! 100% branded new!
Date Added: 09/10/2019 by Abdelrhman Medhat
This is the best clone,with full features of original one! thanks for the gifts! will buy another for my wife. Reply:thank you too...
Date Added: 06/25/2019 by Greg Spourdalakis
arrived with Italy express in 4 days, very good GB! very beautiful phone in black color, rounder corner display and good screen,same quality as real one!...
Date Added: 03/31/2019 by EZHIL V
Fast delivery, good quality of product thank you ES