Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Clone 6.4inch Android 9.1 Snapdragon 855 12GB Ram and 1TB Rom


US$498.66  US$288.24-42%OFF

Date Added: 03/22/2019 by Reedemino Bueno.
Get the phone today! fast shipping via DHL,phone packed in good conditions with small gifts! the s10 plus quality is excelent!will buy more and sell on ebay as real one!...
Date Added: 03/21/2019 by Arman Nekouei.
When i order this phone I receive that phone you show in this vedio or not? Reply:the video shows is clone version,so you will get the phone same as video shows.thanks...
Date Added: 03/16/2019 by Omar Alyami.
Does the phone come with a clone ear phones the same as the S10? Reply:yes
Date Added: 03/11/2019 by younes chetaine.
Sie akzeptieren Geld aus Marokko am (DH MAD) ?? Reply:you can pay by your currency,let us receive by USD will be ok....
Date Added: 03/10/2019 by younes chetaine.
Super livechat Support. Lieferung gem. Angaben, einwandfreies Produkt. Sehr zu empfehlen.