iPhone 15 Plus iOS 17 6.7inch Super Retina Screen A16 Chip 5G RAM 6GB ROM 128GB 256GB 512GB


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Date Added: 10/22/2022 by Michalis Gkiaths.
what are its real characteristics? is it the same as the outline or does it have different characteristics Reply:its OEM VERSION use orignial processor,motherboard,ram rom screen etc....
Date Added: 10/22/2022 by Michalis Gkiaths.
It’s same with original ?can I change lcd with original ? Reply:yes you can
Date Added: 09/10/2020 by Luis jaraba.
Hi, The equipment is released or unlocked for all operators? reply:yes,unlocked for all operators
Date Added: 05/04/2019 by Tomáš Přikryl.
Má tento telefon češtinu? Je uzpůsobený pro Českou republiku? Reply:this phone have Czech language,it will come with EU plug to YOU.thanks...
Date Added: 03/20/2019 by Arman Nekouei.
All the information wrote is real,when I receive that and I found this product camera and other thing is crazy,same as real one! will buy more and sell on eaby!...