Samsung Galaxy S9 Android 8.0 Full 5.8inch Snapdragon 845 3.5GHZ 4G LTE 64GB 128GB


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Date Added: 09/27/2019 by Darlene Cunningha.
it seems like a good phone,want to buy one.
Date Added: 09/27/2019 by Darlene Cunningha.
Your videos accessories packaging looks real.But your photos accessories look cheap with clear plastic. Are your accessories packaging like the real one Reply:we use original s9 box and accessories for our clone. thanks...
Date Added: 04/04/2019 by Arman Nekouei.
I got this phone after 4 days and it's very good,same as site specs shows! will buy more and sell on ebay as real one!...
Date Added: 02/12/2019 by Karol Rambiert.
Is it the same phone as on photos? If yes , it is very impressing clone Reply:yes,same phone as picture shows....
Date Added: 12/12/2018 by Michalhs Gkiaths
And the 4G for Greece? Band B(20)800? Reply:yes,support 4G greece,have Band B(20)800