Vertu 1:1 Clone Phone

As makers of the highest quality Vertu replica phones in the world, we know how to make extraordinary products affordable. We've been in the business of making luxury products accessible to people of discerning taste for years. If it's in the hands of the rich and famous, we've got our eye on it - on every last detail.
Vertu price is in a class of its own in terms of luxury mobile phones. These exquisite little devices sell for upwards of $40,000! Often decked out in diamonds and gold, it's no wonder. Our phones come at a pittance in comparison, but they look, feel and function exactly, precisely like the originals.
Designer phones are our most involved, complex and dedicated pursuit. While the exterior of a Vertu cell is slick, polished and simple, the interior is a precise and complicated work of machinery. To replicate them well you really have to know your stuff - and that's exactly what we promise.