Xiaomi Mi8 Smartphone - 6.21Inch AMOLED Screen Octa Core 6GB RAM Dual GPS Fingerprint NFC


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Date Added: 03/20/2019 by Sangbum Seo
Is there 4G LTE version? I want to buy it. Reply:yes,this phone support 4g lte.
Date Added: 10/25/2019 by khulekani buthelezi
The cell phone is totaly awesome ilikeit.htconem7mt6595octacore I want this cell phone plz call me back Reply:you register on our site,then place order with us will be ok...
Date Added: 09/30/2019 by Aphisit Prakothan
can i pay with ideal? Reply:what is that?
Date Added: 08/28/2019 by erik confetti
how much extra does dual SIM cost? the video says MTK6589t and the page says MTK6595, which one does it really have? does it have IR blaster? what are the dimensions of this model? and is dual SIM version in red in stock? Reply:dual sim verison price same as single sim.it upgraded already for CPU.has IR blaster.same size as real one. dual sim version have stock now...
Date Added: 08/23/2019 by Anonymous .
Hey, how much extra does dual SIM version costs? and does this phone has IR blaster? Reply:same price for dual sim and single sim. this phone has IR blaster....