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Kentucky Tactical Supplies "Berserker" 19" Stun Baton- 5.8 Million Volts

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Kentucky Tactical Supplies "Berserker" 19" Stun Baton- 5.8 Million VoltsĀ 

This stun baton from Kentucky Tactical Supplies is a veritable self defense multi-tool.

-First, it's a 19" all metal baton with a spiked surface at the business end. A super effective impact weapon. Completely constructed of aircraft grade aluminum.

-Second, it's an ultra high voltage stun gun, and with the length of the baton, you don't have to get that close to your assailant to "reach out and touch someone".

-Third it's a strong flashlight.

Has a metal clip for fastening to a duty belt, ideal for security guards, etc.

If you get caught in a threatening situation, you'll be in a lot better position to fight back with The Berserker at your side!

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