LED Indicator Two-way LCD Vehicle Security and Engine Starter System

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  • Model: CEC_CPS_006
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  • Specifications:
  • Function: Two way car alarm system
  • Long range remote start with gear position checking
  • Working frequency: 433 ~ 434 MHz
  • Modulated way: FSK
  • Siren volume: 110 ~ 125 dB
  • FM two way LCD transmitters with icons display
  • Transmitters with voice remind when vechile be Triggered
  • Central door locking system automation
  • Transmitting distance 1000 meters, responding distance 3000 meters
  • Automatic arm optional; door open flashing optional
  • Electrical/Pneumatic central locking optional
  • Automatic window rising
  • Emergency disarm
  • Remote trunk release
  • Triggering memory
  • Power off memory
  • Code hopping technology for anti-scanning and anti-grabbing
  • 14 Multiple user-programable features
  • Visual and Audio alert on remote
  • Car / alarm status LCD display on remote
  • Engine Turbo mode
  • Remote Start Timer Mode
  • Valet mode
  • Anti-carjacking system
  • Door / Hood / Trunk sensors
  • Silent arm / disarm / alert
  • Automatic windows roll-up
  • Remote trunk release
  • Smart LED indicator
  • Remote query function
  • Ultra-low standby power consumption of remote control
  • Real-time clock and personal alarm clock of remote control
  • Keyboard lock and LED backlight
  • Users get informed if the car is open illegally
  • Short messages will be sent to car owner s mobile phone and the center if the car is shocked gently and illegally
  • System will automatically give alarms to the assigned alarm telephone if car doors are open illegally (not open by remote control). It will tell everything to the person who answers the phone whether it is shocked or car doors are open illegally
  • Alarms will be given to the assigned central telephone if the door is illegally open
  • Alarms will be given to users when the car is dragged or towed illegally
  • Car owner can control the car remotely to cut off power and gas supply
  • If the car or the person in the car is in danger, if necessary, telephones are used to control it remotely to cut off power and gas supply. The car will be power off slowly or can not start
  • Long-distance network of the center can remotely control the car to cut off power and gas supply
  • Emergency button
  • When the car owner or the person in the car is in emergent situation, for example, car robbery, robbery in the car etc, drivers can press the emergency button set in a hidden place, then system will automatically send information to the alarming center that will immediately send it to the emergent contact person car owner assigned for quick settlement
  • Car owners can exactly position the car with GPS
  • Car owner can send short messages or call monitor center at any time to position the car information sent and received is about 10 seconds
  • Car owner can control the cars to emit alarm sounds using long-distance
  • Car owner control the car to emit sounds and lights to give alarm
  • Can match with the products to achieve alarm activation, alarm disarmament
  • Voltage: 12V + / - 3V
  • Static current: < 10mA
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 45 mm
  • Manufacturer Ref: EPCHINAHFK
  • Approved: CE / FCC
  • After Sales Service: 1 Year Warranty

  • Accessories:
  • 2 x Remote Controllers
  • 1 x Wireless Sensor
  • 1 x Siren/Loudspeaker
  • 1 x Shock Sensor
  • All Connecting Wires
  • 1 x User Manual